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It has been said, "transportation is 20% of everything"---whether it be time, expense, attractiveness of a site, or simply hassle. We do not view transportation as an end in itself, but the vital link to job opportunities, needed human services, extenuation of life-space, and regional economic development.  The linkages with proper energy and land use are also apparent.

Our assignments have asked us to focus on all major modes. In addition to projects that focused primarily upon transportation issues, quite frequently projects involving other primary topics will incorporate transportation considerations.  A sample of past assignments includes:

Highway focus

  • Corridor economic impact study.
  • Analysis and recommendations of changes in the Transportation Economic Development Fund formula.
  • State highway construction coalition building

Public transit/specialized services focus

  • Intercity Public Transportation Analysis
  • Evaluation of Medicaid Transportation Payment System.
  • Evaluation of Local Public Transit Advisory Boards.
  • Detroit-Chicago Advanced Rail Blueprint Study.
  • Elderly & Handicapped Transportation Study.
  • Specialized services applications analysis.
  • Detroit-Chicago High Speed Rail studies.

Transportation access and funding for specific sites and areas

  • Incorporation of road, rail, and air issues and services in many economic development studies and plans.