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  Both energy and environmental issues tend to be emotional and divisive, with competing groups often resorting to extreme positions and personal invective. Michigan Consultants strives to cut through the rhetoric to determine the proper positions based upon the facts and the real-world trade-offs involved.  Often the effort involves reaching from beyond the internal projects statistics to the characteristics and needs of the overall community.

An environmental project is never viewed as a “cause” that must be emotionally supported or fought as an economic impairment. The approach is simply to be correct --to understand and evaluate the dynamic impacts for the specific project for the real world in which we live. Examples of environmental focused projects include:

  • Secondary impact analyses for Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements.
  • The Michigan Bottle Bill--Twenty Years Later.
  • Various grant and permit applications for communities and corporations.
  • Foreign Containers in the Michigan Deposit Stream.
  • Plastics product development from recycled materials (including one of the largest in the nation).
  • Comprehensive foundry material reuse project.
  • Various recycled material market development analyses.
  • Macomb County Solid Waste Management Plan Update.
  • Comprehensive recycling, incineration, household hazardous waste removal, and community education project.
  • Macomb Resource Recovery Implementation Project.
  • Environmental Assessment of Robotic Military Training Vehicle Site.
  • The Trash Primer: A Report to the Committee for Sensible Solid Waste Solutions.


    For the national media, energy issues tend to become hot topics during intermittent price spikes, but the impacts on the economies of states and the financial bottom-line of companies are always significant.   The President of the firm, Jacob Miklojcik, served as Chief Deputy Director of the Michigan Energy Administration. He led the origination of a variety of award winning policies and programs, directed development of one of the first state energy input-output models in the nation, and served on various national advisory committees.

The firm, in cooperation with associated professional engineering and architectural firms, participated in the performance of energy audits and policy development efforts for a wide variety of communities, hospitals, and companies.