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A wide variety of private firms retain Michigan Consultants to assist
with internal business decision-making as well as assisting with
activities that relate to all levels of government. The nature of the
services have ranged from highly private, eyes-only, internal analysis
of proprietary information, to highly public reports and activities aimed
at achieving governmental and public approvals.  Clients have learned
to rely on the quality of our work and the assurance of confidentiality
for proprietary information.

The types of services include:

  • Business Plans.
  • Market studies.
  • Analyses of how company plans or positions coincide with
    governmental programs and regulations.
  • Impact studies for public distribution covering the benefits of a
    proposed project.
  • Preparation of governmental grant, loan, permit, and abatement
  • Negotiations with governments regarding potential inducements.
  • Financial engineering, particularly coupling private and public
  • Representation before the media and public officials.
  • Site selection.

Our client's firms range in size from Fortune 100 conglomerates to small start-up firms.  The fields have ranged from high-technology to traditional retail and housing operations.