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Casinos are the most rapidly expanding segment within the "leisure and entertainment" sector of the economy.  Even though there are critics, casinos have the proven ability to generate significant new employment and governmental revenues, while proving overall net community benefits in a variety of other manners.  The first casinos in new areas had little competition, but market analyses are now keenly important to predicting the level of revenues, determining sizing plans, and promotional strategies.

Spanning a variety of states and types of markets, Michigan Consultants has been engaged with numerous gaming studies for private and public use. The firm takes a thorough statistical approach to clarifying the expectations of stakeholders.  Due to our varied background, we are able to address the societal aspects of casinos, particularly in comparison with other forms of development. Some of the types of projects include:

  • Preparation of over 35 public and private analyses in several states, ranging from business plans and market analyses to community impact studies.
  • Preparation of secondary impact studies for environmental procedures.
  • Preparation of base figures for successful passage of Proposal E, the Michigan referendum that allowed three casinos to open in Detroit --all projections and employment impact estimates have been fully met.
  • Performed follow-up studies tracking the development and impacts of Detroit casinos...the Detroit News Editorial Page has termed our figures "definitive."
  • Involvement with a variety of Native American tribes and their financial development partners (also aiding tribes with non-casino issues).
  • Retained by communities to determine impacts from hosting a casino.
  • Contrasted, from direct experience, casino development issues and impacts with the incentives typically granted to, and the community impacts obtained from, other forms of economic development projects.
  • Experienced in speaking before numerous groups on casino issues, ranging from pro-active support groups, to the undecided, to the highly antagonistic. 
  • Analysis of impacts on horse tracks and racing trends.
  • Hundreds of media contacts, ranging from op-ed columns and lengthy television interviews to quick issue response for newspapers, including the USA, Canada, and the BBC.