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  Letter From The President

  Jacob Miklojcik

Real……at times it seems the world has lost track of real.

The media shouts that perception is reality---maybe that is so for uninvolved spectators---but only reality is reality for decision makers and the people being impacted.

Pundits, talk show hosts, politicians, business leaders, and even many consulting firms promote themselves with slogans and invented core values. Typically, their responses can be predicted
before the question is asked---not answers, but rather scripted
reactions, trendy statements of little use. If the identification of
problems and solutions was really so trite, the situation would never have occurred. If success always came from following tradition, new trends would never occur.

The goal of Michigan Consultants is to provide “real” to the clients.
What are the real problems, what are the real opportunities, what
are real strategies? What were the antecedents that created the
situation, what are the realities of the present, what can be done to
shape the future? We combined an array of experience, education,
contacts, and research capabilities to help the client determine real. The analysis and recommendations at times may be cautious or aggressive, liberal or conservative, simple or complex, popular or unpopular---all we promise is that they will be real.

When asked “What is your favorite project,” I always answer “the
next one.” The world continues to change, events repeat themselves,but never in exactly the same way---this makes life
full and consulting enjoyable.