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    Michigan Consultants has assisted a variety of governmental and non-profit efforts to expand the economic base of a geographic area.  The efforts extend far beyond theoretical reports that fill bookshelves.  We have played an integral role in the successful implementation of a number of multi-million dollar projects, the development of active strategies used on an on-going basis, and the obtainment of vital grants and loans.  In assisting the client, we are prepared not only to explain the justifications and advocate for a beneficial project, but also to candidly identify when a project or the inducements asked by proponents would not be in the interest of the community.

Every community and every project is unique.  Various common categories of services are noted here

  • Long-range geographic strategic development, including retention and expansion of existing firms, and attraction of new firms.
  • Identification of target markets based upon the attributes of the community and potential market growth.
  • Impact analyses to help measure the potential benefits and challenges.
  • Representing communities negotiating site location and abatement agreements with private firms.
  • Preparation of needed grant and loan applications and reports.
  • Coordinating multi-sources of loans, grants, and permits; private and public financing.
  • Negotiating intergovernmental agreements.
  • Tax analysis.

The firm has assisted clients such as the City of Flint, Gladwin County, Berrien County, the Macomb County Economic Growth Alliance, the City of Warren, and the Governor's Task Force on Public Investment.

In that we also work frequently with a variety of private clients, our staff gains insight into what firms are looking for and really need.  In some cases we are asked to recommend specific communities and sites.